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December 2013


The shops


Where can you buy brussel sprouts and where can you buy sprats? What really is the difference between a bakery and a pastry shop? Who sells comics? And where can you buy ice-creams? There are obvious answers to these questions, but let this book take you for a walk down the street to find the less obvious answers. Just stop rushing around, and instead look at everything as if through a child’s eyes. Visit some traditional shops and discover the simple magic of shop windows. Get to know your local shop-keepers.  And play “shop” with your children! Learn to open your eyes, ears and even your nose: the everyday and ordinary may turn out be quite extraordinary. And just for extra fun, this book contains a shopping list in the form of a puzzle and a shop you can make yourself.

20x25 cm / 24 pages / softcover / age 3+

October 2014




This carefully designed book is non-typical in more ways than one. Printed in only three colours, it helps young readers to learn the alphabet and get to know Poland’s geography in a unique way. But, more than anything else, it gives play to an absurd sense of humour. “Birdy-news” is a selection of everyday information based on the lives of children and animals, but as seen through the eyes of birds. Every letter of the alphabet is matched with the name of a particular Polish town as well as a short, humourous story about a special little person. Boring it isn’t and the play on words, pictures and associations will put a smile on the face of every reader, both the very young and the not so young.

16,5x23,5 cm / 32 pages / hardcover / age 4+

October 2014


Hidden places


This beautiful, atmospheric book is written for all ages. For younger readers, the book provides plenty of ideas of where to hide their precious treasures. To adults it’s a reminder that the magical thing about hiding places and hide-aways is how they teach us to look after tiny, ordinary and everyday secrets. And they help us to be amazed by all around us in the world: the purr of a boiler, the blinking on and off of the light in the attic, every stray thought and every jam-jar filled to brimming with something home-made. Children’s treasures are the most beautiful treasures imaginable, and this book first takes us to where these treasures are hidden, but then helps children once again to hide those same treasures very carefully from the world.

15x15 cm / 32 pages / hardcover / age 3+

February 2011

When I grow up,

I’ll be a child.


In this story written in rhyme, a little boy called Franek affirms all that is positive about childhood:  spontaneity, being happy and being curious. Franek is really good at being a child. He can spend all day riding his bike around his house, he can roll down little hills and jump in puddles. He is always curious about the world around him and is truly expert at enjoying life’s little pleasures. And so it occurs to him that, when he grows up, he should be a child. Franek has his list of favourite activities, and we wonder which favourite activities little readers would add to his list. And who would they like to be when they too grow up? On the last page, readers can write their own answers to that question.

20x20 cm / 48 pages / hardcover / age 3+

March 2012

About the dog

who was searching


This is the story of a three-legged mongrel dog who sets out one autumn day on a journey through the small town where he lives to search for something. And that something is kept a secret right up to the very last page of the book. Along the way he visits many different places and meets all sorts of people until he finally scents what he’s looking for and chases after it as fast as his little paws will let him. This book’s warm and colourful illustrations show what the world looks like through a dog’s eyes. What’s the most fun: imagining that you’re running with the dog on his search or is it that moment when you finally find out what he is looking for? Read the book and decide for yourself!

16,5x23,5 cm / 48 pages / hardcover / age 4+

November 2012


Lolek's Doll


This is a slightly controversial, but very funny, book about Lolek, a little boy who likes playing with his doll called Viola. Playing with Viola does Lolek absolutely no harm at all; in fact, he is a bright, thoughtful and sensitive little boy. But you can well imagine what happens when he takes his doll to nursery with him! Will Lolek’s peers and the grown-ups around him manage to overcome their prejudices? Written in rhyme and accompanied by highly expressive illustrations, this amusing story aims to teach an attitude of tolerance. On the same theme, the book includes a paper doll for children to cut out and play with.

23,5x16,5 cm / 36 pages / hardcover / age 3+

Children’s books

This application provides interactive versions in Polish, English and French of two of the children’s stories written by Ładne Halo (“When I grow up, I’ll be a child” and “The shops”). In addition, the application includes: an audio narration of the stories (and parents can also record their own version); animations of characters from the stories; and games, tasks and many other activities designed for children. “Children’s books” was a joint project of the Ładne Halo publishing company and Microsoft Poland, the publisher was the Wunderman agency in Poland and the interface was designed by the graphics design studio at Ładne Halo. The application, which runs on Windows Phone mobiles and can be downloaded for free, has won awards from Red Dot Design and iF Design.

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in Lodz, Poland.

Ładne Halo is both an independent publishing company and a graphics design studio in Lodz in Poland. We publish unique stories coupled with high quality Polish design.


A little person’s first contact with culture is often through contact with a book; this means not only their first contact with literature, but also with art (through graphics and illustrations). That’s why we want that first meeting to be as positive as possible and to have some real value. We aren’t necessarily trying to convey some kind of moral lesson, but more extend an invitation to the newcomer to join in a conversation. Rather than tell stories about magical countries, we like to tell of the magical in all that is around us everyday. And, more often than not, our books have some blank space where a young reader can interact with the theme of a given book, preferably doing something creative.


All our publications are designed to make children’s imaginations run wild. And to be a source of inspiration for parents to start talking about all sorts of topics with their children. In short, we offer well designed, unique and inspirational books which are aimed at everyone, but especially at children.







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